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In the past few years, under the competitions from all over the world has brought Taiwanese high technology industry into the age of low-profit. In the unrelenting challenges in Taiwan, for seeking the long-lived enterprise, looking for the way by utilizing the existing advantages becomes the energy of COMDEK to upgrade through participating in the bio-medical industry from the IT industry.

From the beginning of Comdek step into the field of bio-medical industry, we are devoted ourselves to be the leader of this field so that our R&D team keeping researching and developing new product. Therefore, we successfully launched the first oximeter MD-600P designed in Taiwan in the market of around world. Furthermore, to be the first manufacture all over the world released the core technology of new generation instant –thermometer. Currently, we market our product with our private brand “COMDEK®” and play an important role in the supply chain of the bio-medical industry all over the world.

To stay as one of leading companies in the bio-medical industry, COMDEK will continue to devote to researching and developing a series of high value-added productions for a better human life. Combining our core technology, reliable-quality human resources, and good communications between research institutes and the industry as the knowledge capital of COMDEK, we wish COMDEK will keep standing on an important position in the supply chain of the bio-medical industry around the world. This we regard as our goal and we hope to make it a reality in the near future.