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Company profile
1. History:
COMDEK, founded in 1985, is a manufacturer of bio-medical industry and produce the medical device for the diagnostic and health care applications. COMDEK is also the only manufacturer owns the core technology of oximeters in Taiwan.

The full lines of private brand “COMDEK®” product are sold over the world. We play an important role in the supply chain of the bio-medical market all over the world.

COMDEK was a member of Taiwanese IT industry in the beginning period. In 1992, through diversified strategy, we participated in the bio-medical industry. The year 1994 is the most important year to COMDEK, and we established our own bio-medical R&D team starting doing research and developing the medical technology. Soon, in 1996, COMDEK successfully announced the fist oximeter MD-600P. Nowadays, it is still popular around the world. Moreover, we released the innovate technology to be the leader of this field and earned a good reputation from all over world.

Innovation is the spirit of COMDEK. We produce full ranges of oximeters and patient monitors for the demands of different users, not only for diagnostic market, but also for home-care applications.

2. Management Philosophy::
COMDEK looks for growth through professional skills and innovative technology. In face of any challenges from competitors, we are not only proud of our harmonic team-work spirit but also of our shared respect for each employee in COMDEK. Because of innovative core technology, high-quality human resource, and good communications between research institutes and the industry, we own the best knowledge capital to keep COMDEK going on strong. Since 1992, COMDEK has devoting to researching in terms of bio-medical technology.

3. Performance:
Our strategy gives COMDEK’s products high reputations and a leading position in the market. In addition to COMDEK’s strength of good quality, innovative technology, and market share, we are also praised by the European and American markets by we have our own brand name. These intangible assets bring COMDEK an optimal synergy in financial and non-financial performance. As well as COMDEK is the only manufacturer which produces oximeters in Taiwan, we play an important role now in the supply chain of the bio-medical market all over the world.

4. Products:
Being the only professional manufacturer to produce oximeters in Taiwan, COMDEK’s products include full lines of portable oximeters, EKG, NIBP, EtCO2 patient monitors for diagnostic market, and Palm, Traveler Oximeter, instant-thermometer, blood pressure measurement for home-care application.